Why I'm Thankful For Comics Should Be Good

Reader Travis Pelkie sent this in to me. -BC

I'm Thankful for CSBG Because...

It's a great site about good comics, and that makes me happy.

Brian updates the site daily with fun posts.

It's a great collection of writers on comics with varied interests that cover most things about comics that you'd want to know.

If the regular bloggers don't know something, chances are the commenters do, and are willing to share it.

Commenting is so easy, even a dork like me can post regularly. (And hey, Brian even let me write a couple columns! Like this one! And this one!) (And maybe more!)

Great smart commenters, including (but not limited to, certainly) T, FunkyGreenJerusalem, buttler, Omar Karindu, Dean Hacker, Mary Warner, Mike Loughlin, Apodaca, Nick Marino, The Crazed Spruce, Third Man, AS, stealthwise, chad....

Greg Hatcher's posts on book scouting are fun to live through vicariously, and shows me I'm not the only hoarder.

Greg Burgas shares much of my taste in comics, and posts funny funny things sometimes.

Kelly Thompson's 2 years of SHNH gives guys a new perspective on how comics are perceived by women.

Sonia Harris's columns also give us her unique take on comics.

Chad Nevett graces us with his Random Thoughts on comics (and shows us Canadians CAN be mean).

Bill Reed occasionally graces us with his presence to keep telling us how good Atomic Robo is.

MarkAndrew this year gave us a fun take on the early Marvels and on the DC52.

Comic Book Legends Revealed are awesome.

Whenever Brian debuts a new feature, it's fun to try to figure out what Dylan lyrics he's using.

Oh, heck, you all know why we should be thankful for CSBG!!!


Thanks, Travis! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! - BC

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