Why I don't get sucked into the big superhero event storylines

Maybe this is a follow-up to my post last week about being a Marvel or a DC, but whatever it might be, it's a perfect example of why I don't really get involved with the super-big events that Marvel or DC put out. I'm speaking of this tremendous post over at 4thLetter! Gavok breaks down Siege and its impact and how the Marvel heroes took down the Sentry. It's a great piece of work; I encourage you to go read it. But he goes over the last 6-10 years of Marvel history and shows all the various threads that Bendis pulled together in Siege. It sounds very cool, but it also sounds like you really had to buy pretty much everything associated with the Avengers over the past half-decade to "get" it. How much money was that? How many crappy comics were sprinkled throughout the good ones? I love big, sprawling stories like this, but reading the Avengers and the various ancillary titles since 2004 sounds exhausting. Sheesh. I'm glad I missed it. But the post is fantastic. Check it out!

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