Why "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Dancing Baby Groot Isn't Already on Your Shelf

The undeniable breakout star of "Guardians of the Galaxy" was the Dancing Baby Groot right before the credits rolled -- and fans understandably wanted their own version that could groove to the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back." With the big promotional push for "Guardians," it seemed like somewhat of an oversight that a toy wasn't already in the pipeline by the time the film hit theaters, but according to Vulture, the "Guardians" team knew how popular Dancing Baby Groot would be -- they just didn't want to risk spoilers of the scene leaking well before the film's release.

"While we were still shooting the movie, I brought up putting Dancing Baby Groot out as a toy," "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn told Vulture. "The reason it didn't happen is because you have some control in the film industry over secrets getting out there, but the people you don't have much control over are the toy people, unfortunately. Those toy designs get out, always! And people definitely would have gotten ahold of the Baby Groot if we had started manufacturing it in time for it to come out after the movie, so that was the biggest reason we didn't push on that particular element."

History certainly reflects Gunn's statements -- toys for various "Iron Man 3" armors were advertised well before the film's release, and before "The Avengers" hit theaters, an exhibit of a board game based on the film featured small models of the Chitauri (which many mistook for Skrulls).

While it may have taken some time to get on the shelves, an official Dancing Baby Groot is headed to stores in time for the holidays, revealed at New York Comic Con 2014.

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