Why, Exactly, Does M. Night Shyamalan Get His Name On Movies?

Well, okay, what I really mean is, why does M. Night Shyamalan get his name on films that he doesn't create or produce? Exhibit A: New "Night Chronicles" movie, Reincarnate.

I mean, at least Devil, the first of the Night Chronicles, was written by Shyamalan. But the newly announced Reincarnate seems to be based on a script that's been around for awhile (Twelve Strangers; it's unclear whether the similar storyline is coincidence or whether Reincarnate is based on Strangers), and will be directed by Daniel Stamm, the man behind The Last Exorcism. Deadline Hollywood defines the Night Chronicles banner as "formed to generate genre films hatched by Shyamalan which he doesn't have to helm," but when he doesn't appear to have even come up with this one, I'm uncertain as to its purpose - Is his name really such a draw that he gets a "Stan Lee Presents" all of his own...?

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