Why Did You Vote For Your Favorite Writers and Artists?

I'm in the midst of tabulating the votes for the Top 100 Writers and Artists countdown, but I thought something interesting for when I start revealing the results (which could be tomorrow, but there is a decent chance that I'll do double-duty on Friday with the first group of artists AND the first group of writers - the end result will be the same, it is either both on Friday or one on Thursday and one on Friday) if I include some of your own thoughts on why you picked who you picked.

So if you want me to include a little bit about why you chose that particular writer or artist, feel free to drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your reasons for whichever artist or writer on your list that you feel like giving your reasons for voting for them.

Use "Top 100 Creator Thoughts" as your subject line so it'll be easier for me to identify the correct e-mails out from all the spam I get (when you publish your e-mail on the internet practically every day, you get a LOT of spam).

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