If Netflix's Daredevil Is So Popular, Then Why Was It Canceled?

Rumors that Marvel pulled the plug on Daredevil also arose, but this contradicts what Marvel's Head of TV, Jeph Loeb, previously said -- that it's up to Netflix whether additional seasons of any of the shows are ordered. So if the partnership were to end, it'd be down to Netflix, more or less hinting Daredevil ran its course.

Now, that's not to say Hulu, Freeform or some other service might not be lined up to take these properties on, with Daredevil being a hot property to pick up. But again, we're blind in the dark as to the future of these shows. If Marvel did pull the plug on Daredevil, one has to think it would have had a home lined up, especially since the outrage surrounding its cancellation was always going to be more pronounced than that of the other axed series. But we also have to consider maybe Marvel's merely ready to let these shows die and then reboot later on, a la the Spider-Man franchise on Disney+ or the big screen. Marvel TV has promised more adventures, but right now the only thing we know is that there's no future at Netflix and no future at Disney.

Daredevil cast

Another reason why the cancellation happened is down to timing. If Netflix has no plans for Daredevil Season 4, obviously the creative team, from show runner Erik Oleson to the writers, would be notified to stop working. The same goes for the cast, so the announcement just had to be made. You can't expect anyone to keep quiet in the meantime, or for the likes of Jessica Jones and The Punisher to air in 2019, and then the cancellation announcements to come en masse.

It's just a matter of Netflix knocking down every domino one by one and letting fans know it was a good ride while it lasted. Daredevil's cancellation had to be announced now so everyone involved could move on with life. As fate would have it, the service simply outgrew the Marvel brand and clearly wanted to look at greener pastures, even if Daredevil could have still garnered a new hit season. Notifying everyone now is simply the polite and professional thing to do.

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Ultimately, the red-costumed vigilante had to get cut because, when it comes to what Netflix wants control of and what it wants to create for the foreseeable future, the publisher needs content that it owns, not tied up in some second or third party. All we're left thinking about as fans is what could have been had this partnership been given a chance to flourish once again. We need to remember that, when it comes to two entertainment giants like Disney and Netflix, it's nothing personal, it's just business.

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