Why Did Doctor Strange Have an Eyepatch?

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This time around, we take a look at the brief period of time when Doctor Strange was missing an eye!

In "Strange Tales" (Vol.2) #10 (by Peter B. Gillis, Richard Case and Randy Emberlin), Doctor Strange and his then-mentor, Kaluu (who was once a bad guy) took on the demon Ghaszaszh Nyirh. They won the day, but not before Ghaszaszh Nyirh blasted Doctor Strange and poked out his eye...

So Doc just used an eyepatch for the rest of that series...

which ended with #19. Gillis, Case and Emberlin relaunched a new "Doctor Strange" series following "Strange Tales" ending ("Strange Tales" was an attempt to go back to the old school anthology title set-up, with Doctor Strange sharing the book with Cloak and Dagger). Doc still had his missing eye.

However, with the fifth issue, Roy and Dann Thomas, Jackson Guice and Jose Marzanv took over as the new creative team on the series.

And very quickly, in "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #7, the All-Seeing Agamotto took the villainous Silver Dagger's eye from him and gave it to Doctor Strange...

Easy breezy!

So yeah, I guess there isn't a particularly cool story behind Doctor Strange's eyepatch period, but what there is, is that!

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