Why Did Daredevil's Mom Become a Nun?

This feature, Provide Some Answers, is basically a counterpart to our Left Unresolved feature. That feature is for plotlines that were, well, left unresolved. In this one, though, we spotlight examples of long unresolved stories that WERE ultimately resolved by later writers. The only rule is that at least four years have to pass between the plot point being introduced and it being resolved.

Today, based on a suggestion by reader Carlos P., we see how Mark Waid resolved a lingering plot about Daredevil's mother that was introduced by Frank Miller during "Born Again."

One of the major turning points in Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's classic "Daredevil" storyline, "Born Again", occurred at the end of "Daredevil" #229, when Matt Murdock, then living on the streets after Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, had destroyed nearly every facet of Matt's life, was nearly killed by the Kingpin's men. However, as the Kingpin kept telling himself "there is no corpse." Matt survived, just barely, but he surely would have died on the streets had he not been discovered by a nun.

The nun took him to her church where she took good care of him through a bout with pneumonia. Soon after Matt arrived at the church, he tried to get out of bed. This is when he first met the nun, who told him her name was Maggie.

Later, during his delirium, he discovered that she had given him the same cross that a woman had given him back when Matt was a child and had first been blinded by radioactive chemicals that gave him his powers.

While Maggie had rescued him before he died, Matt was still in bad shape, so she needed a whole lot of prayer to pull Matt through the predicament he was in.

When his fever finally broke, Matt then had the time to pose the question he had been dying to ask Maggie ever since she came back into his life - "are you my mother?" and her lying denial basically confirmed it.

The weird thing, however, is that that was pretty much it for Maggie, as Frank Miller had no further plans for her during "Born Again" and she wasn't a character with the successive writers. So for years, fans had to just wonder what happened to get her to stop being married to Matt's father, the boxer "Batllin' Jack" Nurdock and start becoming a nun.

Maggie was introduced in 1986. The truth behind her becoming a nun didn't come out until nearly thirty years later!

At the heart of the 2014 Marvel crossover, "Original Sin", was superheroes learning secrets that were hidden about their past via visions given to them by the eye of the Watcher. In the case of Daredevil, he saw a vision of Jack hitting Maggie and had to temporarily deal with the idea that his sainted father actually beat his mother! However, while working alongside his mother (as she and two fellow nuns were arrested for protesting), she told him the truth. She was suffering from post partum depression...

The vision Matt saw of his father in an altercation with his mom was actually Jack defending Matt from Maggie!

Now that Daredevi's secret identity had been placed back within its bag, I wonder if Maggie still knows his identity.

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