Why Kobik Didn't Undo Secret Empire's Casualties


When the dust settled on Marvel Comics' Secret Empire event, there were more than a handful of questions remaining. What will happen to the evil Steve Rogers? How will Captain America restore his now-tarnished reputation? How will the Punisher react to learning that he was essentially played by Stevil and Hydra? And what does the future hold for Barf?

But for many fans, the biggest question was, why the hell didn't Kobik bring Natasha Romanov and Rick Jones (not to mention the entire city of Las Vegas) back from the dead?

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In the first half of an extensive two-part interview with CBR, Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer explained what was behind Kobik's decision. As it turns out, there's a solid reason for the sentient Cosmic Cube's actions (or lack thereof), from an editorial standpoint, as well as her in-story motivation.

"We didn't want the event to have no longterm consequences or repercussions," Spencer told CBR of the editorial decision not to hand wave a resurrection in the finale. "We wanted to make sure that at the end of this somebody didn't just shake a Cosmic Cube and everything is better."

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When it came to in-story reasoning, Spencer explained that "Kobik's thinking in this situation is that while the Cosmic Cube was used to turn Steve into a Hydra agent, it wasn't used to convince anyone to go along with any of the many things that became the heroes and the United States of the Marvel Universe's undoing. People made their own decisions... A lot of the folks on the ground in the Marvel Universe decided to really embrace an ideology that Steve was suddenly introducing into the public conversation. And a lot of heroes, after being so divided and broken in Civil War II, decided that instead of fixing those problems and healing those wounds, they would simply delegate everything to Steve.

"There's a responsibility to be shared here," Spencer continued. "It wasn't as simple as, "A Cube made things bad." Steve did one thing, and then a lot of others did the rest. So, to me, it was important that there were still some lingering consequences. And how we deal with those in the stories that spring out of this is a big part of what's ahead in Marvel Legacy."

Check back with CBR tomorrow for more from Nick Spencer on Secret Empire, and read the first part of our in-depth interview right now.

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