Who's Your Daddy, Star-Lord? Unlocking "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Major Mystery

Fans might have left Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" "Hooked on a Feeling," but they also left with some burning questions, the biggest being: Who's Peter Quill's father? While there were a few surrounding this mystery dropped by Quill's mother on her death bed -- she called Quill's father an "angel" and seemed to be still quite taken with the mystery man -- we know Quill's daddy palled around with some rough company, proven by the fact that he sent Yondu and his crew of Ravagers to Earth to save (some would say abduct) the man who would grow up to become the legendary Star-Lord.

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One clue we already have from the mouth of director James Gunn is that Quill's parentage will not follow Marvel Comics canon. In the comics, Quill's father is J'Son of Spartax, a space dictator and one of the series' most enduring adversaries. Gunn said recently that Quill's pop is "definitely not the character who it is in the comics," leaving J'Son out in the cold.

So who could it be? What figure from across the Marvel cosmos came to Earth and sired the man that would one day take down Ronan the Accuser and save the galaxy? We have a few ideas...


Quill's mom certainly seemed preoccupied with the fact that her former lover was an "angel" of love, speaking about her ex was with an almost ethereal reverence. Marvel fans know former Avenger Starfox, also known as the Eternal Eros, is a god of love, a being made of pure sensuality that has enjoyed his fair share of sexual conquests throughout the cosmos. He usually doesn't stick around for the consequences of his trysts so leaving Earth would totally fit within Starfox's mercurial character. But Eros isn't evil and could have sent Yondu and company to Earth to make sure his scion was safe. Having Starfox be Quill's dad could add another wrinkle to the mythos of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition to being the Eternal god of love, Eros is also the brother of the Eternal god of death, Thanos. Yes, that would make Thanos Quill's uncle; a fascinating familial possibility that could be the Quills backdoor into the coming "Infinity War." Of course, this would make Gamora his cousin which would be kind of icky, but Starfox does fit the brief description Quill's mother gave of her angelic lover. Starfox could also be the initial spark to introduce the Eternals to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


While this might smack a bit of "Empire Strikes Back" -- and could make Gamora & Star-Lord's flirtation ever stranger -- it also could make the coming events of the "Infinity War" very personal for Peter Quill. Before he became a worshipper of death, Thanos gallivanted around the galaxy siring children. Gamora and Nebula are both proof of that. Who is to say Thanos didn't spend a bit of time on Earth sowing his wild oats with Quill's mom? The lack of a big purple chin on Star-Lord makes this one unlikely, but Thanos has bastards all across the galaxy, and it would be more than a little ironic if Marvel's greatest cosmic hero sprung from the loins of its greatest cosmic villain?


One of the most fascinating aspects of Drax when he originally joined the comic book Guardians was his fatherly bond with his daughter Moodragon. This added a dynamic character wrinkle to the Destroyer, a character who was sometimes portrayed as rather flat. Having Drax be Quill's dad could strengthen the already tight bond between the two comrades and give Drax back his protective father status with one of his Guardian teammates. Drax's memory seems to be a bit Swiss cheesed in the first "Guardians," and perhaps he forgot a time when he was hidden and disguised on Earth. The film already established Drax as a man who had a family, and maybe there was an addition to that family that even the Destroyer had forgotten.

The Stranger

One of Marvel's most enigmatic cosmic villains, The Stranger would make a great addition to the cinematic side of the cosmic Marvel Universe. The Stranger has long been known for his forbidden cosmic experiments, and perhaps one of those experiments took him to Earth to see what would happen if he mated with a human woman. The Stranger has long used agents to do his cosmic bidding, so it wouldn't be out of the question if Yondu and the Ravagers were the Stranger's agents charged with keeping one of his pet experiments safe. As a fellow member of the Elders of the Universe, the Stranger has a connection to the Collector, an Elder Quill already ran afoul of in the first "Guardians." The Stranger might not be the most well known Marvel cosmic entity, but some aspects of his past make him an intriguing and mustachioed choice for Star-Lord's daddy.

Adam Warlock

We've seen his cocoon in "Guardians" and "Thor: The Dark World," indicating that it may only be a matter of time before Adam Warlock arrives on the big screen. He may be in a cocoon now, but perhaps Warlock once paid a visit to Earth to create a hero he knew would one day save the cosmos. Warlock has long had cosmic awareness, the ability to see the ebb and flow of reality, and it's possible he foresaw that the universe would need an earnest champion like Peter Quill and took steps to create a Star-Lord with a woman he knew would raise the boy to be a hero. Once again, this speculative road could lead Quill right to the "Infinity War."

Captain Mar-Vell

Speaking of cosmic awareness. Based on the announcement of a Carol Danvers "Captain Marvel" film, it's safe to assume Captain Mar-Vell might be introduced to either follow or inspire her origin. Introducing Mar-Vell as Quill's father, a man who abandoned the Kree to come find a peaceful destiny on Earth, could establish a connection between the Guardians and Danvers. Perhaps the situation with Ronan called Mar-Vell back into space where he was lost. Or maybe Mar-Vell and his wife were both infected by the same cancer by enemy agents tying into Mar-Vell's classic and tragic comic book death. Between Danvers and Star-Lord, the legacy of Captain Marvel could be a long and enduring one in the MCU.

Maximus the Mad

During the media event that revealed all of Marvel's Phase 3 films, Kevin Feige promised that there would be hints of the Inhumans coming very soon. Perhaps the brother of the Inhuman king Black Bolt, in his constant fevered insanity, decided to sire an Earth child. We can guess that interacting (and breeding) with humanity would be forbidden for an Inhuman, giving Maxumus exactly the reason he needed to do it. Maximus' schemes are layered and complex and only make sense to his fevered mind. Could Quill have been created not out of love but out of a sense of rebellious madness? Since the Guardians of the Galaxy made the leap from relative obscurity to stardom, perhaps introducing an entire race (and the stars of their own forthcoming feature film) in the "Guardians" sequel could do the same for the Inhumans.

Skye's Father

This may fall under the pie in the sky (or Skye) speculation, but it certainly feels like the young Agent with the mystery parentage from "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." could be an Inhuman -- or possibly have a cosmic connection. After all, her father does have some rather monstrous powers. It's certainly plausible Agent Skye isn't the only child this mystery man created. Could Skye and Quill be related through the obsessed mad man who has recently joined with HYDRA? That would make "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." real cosmic real quick. Connecting the ABC TV series to this summer's biggest cash cow, "Guardians of the Galaxy," seems like a surefire bet to boost ratings. Could the events of Marvel's inaugural series be more important than fans expect to the larger tapestry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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