Who'll pay six figures for <i>Action Comics</i> #1?

Global recession or no, bidding on a rare copy of Action Comics #1 is expected to be heated when an auction kicks off tomorrow.

Although copies of the 1938 comic in "fine" condition have sold for as much as $126,000, one expert tells The Associated Press this one could bring in many times that amount.

So who, in this economy, could throw down that kind of money for the first appearance of Superman? The U.K.'s ever-reliable Telegraph apparently has the inside track, linking virtually every celebrity comics fan to the auction: Nicolas Cage, Shaquille O'Neal, Jerry Seinfeld, Barack Obama.

Wait. Barack Obama?

Not so, says a spokesman for online auctioner ComicConnect: "Although he is reportedly a fan of Spider-Man, and was recently featured in a highly publicized comic book published by Marvel, Barack Obama is not bidding in the ComicConnect auction."

The Telegraph labels the president's interest as only "rumored" -- excuse me, "rumoured" -- but that doesn't prevent the newspaper from being far more concrete in the article's original headline ("Barack Obama and Jerry Seinfeld compete for Superman comic").

Oh, well. At least they're not writing more about Batwoman.

The auction ends on March 13.

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