Who wrote the Barack Obama comic?

As you may remember from a few months ago, BOOM! Studios jumped on the presidential-campaign bandwagon with its Decision 2012 comics, each of which features a different presidential candidate. The President Obama comic came out this week, and as Johanna Draper Carlson pointed out, no writer is credited — which is odd, in this day and age.

Odd enough that I e-mailed BOOM! Studios myself to see what the story was. Marketing Coordinator Emily McGuinness was quick to reply:

We hired a young, incredibly talented writer to do these, and that writer elected not to take credit. Why? Well, they saw it as a great opportunity to refine their craft but didn't want to be associated as the 'political comic book writer' moving forward. They've got some cool projects coming up, and wanted the focus of their next stage of career development to be on that. It made sense to us and we were happy to be respectful of their decision (no pun intended).

That makes for an interesting parlor game in about five years: Which prominent comics writer was behind the Obama comic? I'd look for someone with a love of text boxes and footnotes; the comic consists mainly of juxtaposed pictures and text, and it reads more like an illustrated prose bio than a comic. It's non-sequential, if that's a word.

The writing isn't bad, but if I were going to write a compelling comic (as opposed to a hagiography), I'd include the juicy details about Obama's 2004 election to the U.S. Senate, in which his opponent self-destructed in a sex scandal and the Illinois Republican Party drafted Alan Keyes as a replacement. Heck, I could do an entire miniseries on that election alone, and it's a shame the writer covered it in a single panel. Maybe they were too busy with that next project to give it much thought.

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