Who would you model them on today?

An interesting thing about characters created in the Golden Age is that, visually, a VERY common practice by artists of the day was to base characters upon popular (or at least popular enough) movie actors. Needed a leading man-type? Base the character's visual on a leading man actor. And so on, and so forth.

Which leads me to today's fun little game, which is, quite often, people like to play "Cast the Superman movie" or whatever, but in those instances, we are basing the look on the established Superman look, which, in turn, was based upon a movie actor. What I am asking today is, if you were the artist in charge of creating the visual for Superman TODAY, as if he was invented TODAY, which movie actors/actresses would you use as the basis for the following characters:


Clark Kent

Lois Lane

Jimmy Olsen

Bruce Wayne


Alan Scott

Wonder Woman

Captain Marvel

Mary Marvel

Captain Marvel, Jr.

Lex Luthor






Now, remember, you don't have to stick to ANY preconceived visual here. Just who you think would be your pick for a "Mild-Mannered Reporter," etc.

Have fun!

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