Who Won the Fred Van Lente Day Presents?

So here are the entries for the two Fred Van Lente Day Presents (first prize is hardcovers of Archer and Armstrong Vol. 1 and 2 and second prize is a trade of Timewalker Volume 1). At the end, I'll reveal which two were randomly selected as the winners. To enter, people had to name their favorite Valiant comic by Fred Van Lente.

Favorite issue by fair is #15. It's a wonderful roller coaster of a story. You see Armstrong take part in completely ridiculous violence & being the happy drunk that we all love him for.

- Dustin W.

My favourite issue of his Valiant run is archer & Armstrong #7. This issue has the new Geomancer and Gilad teaming with A&a to learn the secrets of the nefarious Null. FVL plays with the idea of zero and circles in general, positing they are all representative of the inchoate void. It's a brilliant idea that he plays with wonderfully - from golf courses and Archimedes noticing circles everywhere to the reveal of the evil Zorn's plan the idea is expanded upon with plenty of wit. Oh, and it was in this issue I fell in love with the Geomancer Kay, she is written perfectly as a strong, intelligent person whose world has just been turned upside down. Just genius stuff !!

- Brett H.

it's a toss up for me, either the recent Legends of Geomancer which did such a fantastic job fleshing out the backstory of the Anni-Padda brothers, or it could be Ivar#5-7 where again gives us a glimpse at this sibling feud that has gone on for centuries

- Todd F.

My favorite Valiant issue written by Fred Van Lente is Ivar, Timewalker #11. I love how everything in the series all comes together (and much of Archer & Armstrong as well).

- Jeremy C.

I really enjoyed all of Fred Van Lente's Archer and Armstrong work. In particular, issue #10 where the they visit area 51. Such a fun, smart, inventive series.

- Mike A.

'Archer & Armstrong' #5 The series as a whole was awesome, but I really liked this issue. It was great having some Van Lente-written dialogue for Gilad, the Eternal Warrior! And, seriously? That was some sweeeeet art by Emanuela Lupacchino! #goodtimes

- Domenick C.

I'll go with Archer and Armstrong, specifically issue #11.

Will V.

my favorite issue of Archer and Armstrong is issue 9. “Make it rain. Rain death!”

- Dean B.

My favorite Valiant issue written by Fred Van Lente is Ivar Timewalker #3. The whole sequence with the bunker full of time-travelers is both hilarious and obvious, in hindsight.

- The Eyeball Kid

The randomly selected second place winner is...Will V.!

The randomly selected first place winner is...Brett H.!

Congrats, guys! Valiant will be in touch regarding your prizes!

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