Who Won Summer 2012 In Terms of Movies?

This weekend's Total Recall marks the last blockbuster release of the summer season, closing us out with a remake of a much-beloved movie from two decades earlier. Remakes, comic book movies and a misconceived toy movie: What's been your favorite of this summer's big blockbuster movies?

This has been a strange summer, when it comes to blockbusters; it started early with May's Avengers crushing everything around it, and other than Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, it felt as if Earth's Mightiest Heroes kept the season all to themselves. I mean, does anyone really care about - or even remember - Men in Black 3 or Battleship, when thinking about the last few months?

There are still some fun movies coming out in the next few weeks - The Bourne Legacy and The Campaign are next week, with The Expendables 2 later this month - but Total Recall feels like the last attempt at a true summer blockbuster this year, so we're wondering: If you had to choose, which summer blockbuster rocked your boat and busted your block the most in 2012? Tell us by participating in the poll below, and feel free to leave your reasoning in the comments, as ever.

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