Who Will Take The Second <i>Journey To The Center Of The Earth</i>?

Will Brendan Fraser refuse to return to The Center Of The Earth? A new rumor suggests that the star may stay away from the sequel to Journey if the original director doesn't come back as well.

The problem with that idea, according to Deadline Hollywood, original director Eric Brevig may be too busy making the live-action movie version of Yogi Bear to return, leading Journey To The Center Of The Earth producers New Line and Walden Media to consider bringing Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore's Brad Peyton on to replace him... and, if Fraser leaves as a result, retooling the sequel's script to feature former sidekick Josh Hutcherson (Nephew Sean in the original) as the lead. Deadline suggests that a deal will be reached with both Peyton and Fraser soon.

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