Who will take the path?

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Continuing the mission to not only develop the next generation of comic bookreaders, but to also discover the next generation of comic book creators,CrossGen is awarding an unpublished artist the chance to pencil a story forthe acclaimed samurai series THE PATH. Participating with J. Torres' "ComicBook Idol" contest at ComicBookResources.com, CrossGen will award oneundiscovered penciler the chance to illustrate a short story written by RonMarz and art directed by fan favorite penciler Bart Sears.

"Comic Book Idol" is a five-week, five-round contest that will assignhopeful pencilers weekly art challenges. A panel of industry personalities,including Oni Editor-In-Chief Jamie S. Rich, Marvel Editor-In-Chief JoeQuesada, and CrossGen Senior Writer Ron Marz, will critique the submittedart.

"The next wave of talent is out there, and it's just a matter of finding itand nurturing it," stated Marz. "As much as aspiring artists want to breakin, the truth is that publishers like CrossGen are just as anxious to findpromising talent. The 'Comic Book Idol' contest is a great chance forartists to show off what they can do in a structured process, with specificassignments and deadlines."

"We're going to put these guys through their paces and see who's leftstanding at the end," added Marz. "And then, of course, the real workbegins: drawing a story written by me for publication in THE PATH."

Over 160 hopefuls answered the initial call. Only ten were selected tocompete. Who will be eliminated? Who will emerge as the first ever "ComicBook Idol"? You can follow the contestants' journey to THE PATH each weekthrough Torres' "Open Your Mouth" column at ComicCookResources.com.

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