Who Will Direct <i>Pride &amp; Prejudice &amp; Zombies</i>?

The original was a publishing smash, but is the movie adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies too much for Hollywood? Why can't the project find a director?

The LA Times reports that three new names are being considered for the literary horror mash-up: School of Rock writer Mike White, The Decent's Neil Marshall and documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz. The movie has already reportedly been offered to, and passed on by, David O. Russell, Mike Newell and Matt Reeves, and has also been passed on by actress Scarlet Johannson, once in the running for the role of the lead. The reason, according to the Times, is that this may be too risky a movie for most, which seems surprising: Is there really that much risk in a movie like this? Doesn't everyone want to see zombies destroy Jane Austen novels?

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