Who watches the Watchmen links?

Everyone's got Watchmen fever and we are by no means immune. So here's another round-up of links to slake everyone's thirst.

FYI, spoilers for the film and the comic abound so if tread lightly if you want your movie-going (or reading) experience to be pure.

• Meredith Woerner at io9 talks about what parts of the book have been left on the cutting room floor, apart from the giant squid that is.

Bye Bye, Side Characters:If you're excited to watch the coming together of man and stranger with the Watchmen ceremonial newspaper man hat pass, forget it. Everyone at the news stand are cut. Sure there are glimpse of the side characters here and there, but they are quick and fleeting. But Snyder promises more from Bernie and other newsstand customers in the Black Freighter DVD and Director's Cut.

• MTV's Splash Page delves into the history of the Charlton characters that formed the basis for the comic.

• The Onion's AV Club talks to actor Jackie Earle Haley about the challenges of playing Rorschach.

First, preparing for this guy, I didn’t even consider the mask. I think it first started with really gazing into the abyss of this guy, and looking at his incredibly victimized childhood. You know, his mother being a prostitute and an alcoholic and a drug addict, and the beatings that he took, and the fact that she was kind of going from john to john, and from man to man. He just seemed to be so low on the priority list that he slowly became tweaked to the point of no return. To where something had to give. And I think how he found his place in this world was through this black-and-white sense of justice.

• What can Obama learn from Watchmen? Probably not very much, but Matt Yglesias ponders the question anyway.

• Reviews are starting to come in from the blogosphere. Sean T. Collins liked the film. Thomas J. McLean did not. Neither did Matt Maxwell.

• That last link was courtesy of Comics Waiting Room, which has a bunch of Watchmen-related stories and essays at their site, including this piece by Marc Mason wherein he declares that Watchmen is far from Moore's best work. Blasphemy!

• If you need a quick 101 guide to the characters, this is probably the best place to go.

• Kiel Phegley interviews Watchmen editor Len Wein about his work on the series and years at DC.

• Did you know Todd McFarlane once drew some Watchmen art? Rickey at The Cool Kids Table explains.

• Finally, as you can well imagine, parodies and mash-ups, like the Obama Manhattan abound. This one is probably my favorite but I confess to also enjoying Scott Kurtz's week-long comic strip mash-up Ombudsman.

• Nothing, however, can prepare you for Saturday Morning Watchmen.

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