Who Should Join The Movie Justice League?

If Warners and DC Entertainment have their collective corporate hearts set on building a movie Justice League, then what characters should be part of the team? We've had a Green Lantern movie, we're used to cinematic Batmen and Man of Steel is coming out next year. But which other DC Universe characters should make their celluloid debuts in order to graduate to the Big League?

With a movie based on The Flash reportedly already at the script stage, it's safe to say that DC's Fastest Man Alive will be making a movie debut sooner rather than later, so that makes four members of the team who'll potentially be around. Green Arrow, a long-standing Leaguer in the comics, would appear to be tied up on television with his new CW series Arrow debuting in a couple of months, so he's likely out. But what about the other heroes who have served with the Justice League throughout its long (52 years and counting) history?

Below is a list of the entire membership of the various incarnations of the team across the years (For ease of use, the superhero identities are being presumed to be more important than the secret identities, so the multiple Green Lanterns that have served are all being covered by "Green Lantern"; sorry, Kyle Rayner fans who hate Hal Jordan, and vice versa); what I'd like to see is you, dear reader, choose your dream line-up of seven characters for a movie incarnation of the Justice League… and, in the process, democratically find out which seven characters the collective SpinOff mindset believes would make the most interesting, worthwhile cinematic superhero team in the DC Movie Universe. As ever, feel free to explain your choices in the comments below.

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