Who Is Your Favorite Caped Crusader?

On Tuesday, we asked which of the many live-action Batman movies was your favorite, but that was just a warm-up for the real question... By now, you've seen Bruce Wayne and his alter ego being personified by five different actors, each one bringing something different to the role. But which one brought the most? That's right: We want to know the identity of your top movie Batman?

It seems weird to think, but Bale is actually cinema's longest serving Dark Knight, with three movie appearances as Bruce Wayne's alter ego. Michael Keaton had two, and Adam West, Val Kilmer and George Clooney only one apiece. I'm personally undecided about how I feel about his Batman - I can't really take his husky whisper seriously, for some reason - although I like his Bruce Wayne quite a bit; I suspect that I prefer Keaton's Batman, for some inexplicable reason, although I also prefer Clooney's take on the character(s) over Val Kilmer's, so take my opinions with whatever grains of salt you need to.

(For what little it's truly worth, I think that Kevin Conroy's Batvoice was the best out of everyone's, and I don't really think I'm alone in that.)

This isn't anywhere near about me, though; this is all about you, dear readers. Cast your vote below for your particular favorite movie Batman, and feel free to detail your reasons in the comments. And keep coming back through the weekend to vote on your favorite Batman movie, and what you hope will happen to the franchise next...

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