Who Is Young Justice's Team of Outsiders?

A new piece of key art for the upcoming animated series Young Justice: Outsiders shows off more characters coming (or returning) the series when it helps launch DC Universe, Warner Bros.' upcoming streaming service. Outsiders takes place years after the events of the last season, Invasion, and will see the covert ops superhero team take on metahuman trafficking and a "genetic arms race" with an intergalactic reach.

While the new art features a number of familiar faces and costumes, it also introduces a few newcomers the Young Justice Universe, while hinting at what's happened in the past few years to the likes of Nightwing and Huntress.

At the end of Invasion, Nightwing decided he needed to take a leave of absence from being Team leader after Kid Flash straight-up vanished from reality. Years have passed since that incident, and Dick is now back and part of a black ops group that undertakes considerably dicier missions than the regular, teen-oriented team. Joining him are Superboy and Artemis Crock, apparently operating in the Tigress persona she adopted while under deep cover back in Season 2. While she's technically Tigress here, however, previous character art has shown her still rocking a bow and arrow, indicating that she hasn't fully left her archer life behind.

Joining Nightwing, Artemis and Superboy in this black ops group is Black Lightning. Previously, he'd had brief cameos in Invasion, most notably in the finale when he offered to become a tutor for Virgil Hawkins. No surprise, the young teen took him up on his offer and has since gone by the codename Static. He was one of the more newer members of the Justice League back in Season 2, and if he's with this new team, it's unclear whether he's pulling double duty or has left the League in favor of working with Nightwing's group. 

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The most interesting thing about the key art is, obviously, the people that we haven't seen in the Young Justice Universe before. Two of them will be instantly obvious to DC Comics fans; on the far left is Katana, sporting her trademark sword and a look fairly similar to her current outfit in the comics, and on the far right, next to Nightwing, is Metamorpho, the man with the ability to turn his body into various elemental compounds. Like Katana, his look is fairly similar to how he appears in the comics, with the main difference being that his body appears to be only two colors rather his typical four color scheme.

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