Who is 'The Flash's' Eobard Thawne? Ask Google Translate

The time travel, multiple speedsters and alternate timelines on The CW drama The Flash may be enough to confuse even some longtime comics readers. If you're square with Harrison Wells and Eddie Thawne but can't quite figure out Eobard Thawne (just play along, please), I suggest you consult Google Translate.

What? Where else would you turn for superhero comics minutiae?

As pointed out by YouTube commenter Matthew Adiotomre, someone -- I'm going to go with a time traveler from the 25th century -- has had a bit of fun with the features of Google's multilingual service, so that if you translate "Eobard Thawne" from Spanish to English, it gives you ... Professor Zoom.

I'm not sure how long Professor Zoom will remain there (insert your own joke here), but it's a little bit of fun while it lasts.

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