Who is the All-New Marvel NOW! "Ms."?

Marvel Comics had a whopping 22 announcements at New York Comic Con 2013, most of which were prefaced in the preceding weeks by a redux of one-word teasers. Although many were indications of new series arcs or special story lines, a select amount were for brand new series launches. Today, the publisher has released one more single-word teaser, and it's the most mysterious so far. "Ms." in green letters is the only word on the image, which is sure to prompt speculation -- especially given that this All-New Marvel NOW! teaser has no creative team listed.

Judging from the word alone, the biggest possibility is the return of a "Ms. Marvel" title -- but the publisher has Carol Danvers on lock with Kelly Sue DeConnick's "Captain Marvel" ongoing series slated to return in March with a brand-new volume. "Ms." could also be an acronym, or even an indication of a "Girl Comics" revival -- the 2010 anthology series written and drawn entirely by female creators. The teaser is ambiguous enough that almost anything is possible, though Marvel will hopefully release more details in the coming weeks.

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