What's the Deal With Star, Marvel's Newest Superhero?

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #9 by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

July's Captain Marvel #8 brought a new superhero to the Marvel Universe: a mysterious woman known only as Star.

While we know little about Star, we do know that she has flight and super-strength powers that could rival Captain Marvel's. She has a heroic red, white and gold costume, a flowing cape and she's already assisted Carol Danvers in multiple situations involving alien attacks. However, Star doesn't ever stop to reveal any sort of personal information. She swoops in for a save and disappears almost as rapidly.

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What's more, Star has made her valiant debut just as Carol Danvers' life is coming apart. The timing doesn't appear to be a coincidence. Therefore, the question needs to be asked: what's the deal with Star, Marvel's newest superhero?

Star made her debut in Captain Marvel #8, when she flew in to save the titular superhero's life during a battle with several alien spaceships. Usually, Carol would have no trouble fighting invaders such as this, but her powers have recently been fading, which means that she isn't the superhero she once was. The mysterious character introduced herself simply as Star, and acknowledged that she was new to the scene. Then, after a brief team-up with Captain Marvel to defeat the aliens, she disappeared.

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She next appears in Captain Marvel #9. As Carol takes on a giant, nameless Kraken-like creature, her fading powers are simply no match for her opponent. Thankfully, Star once again swoops in for the save and defeats the squid monster. Already, we can see that the public is becoming enamored with this new superhero. In fact, as the public's trust in Captain Marvel fades, Star appears to be stepping into the spotlight to replace her.

Once again, the character only appears for a few pages -- but her importance can't be brushed aside. In fact, Captain Marvel #8 is going back to press with a second printing featuring a new cover by series artist Carmen Carnero that features Star in all her heroic glory. Therefore, it seems Marvel wants us to grasp the importance of this new character. But what is she, really? Is she a hero or a villain?

The question needs to be asked because there is so very little we know about her. Her unwillingness to stick around to talk is certainly intriguing, and her emergence as a hero trying to steal the spotlight from Carol Danvers surely has us wondering if her intentions might be more hostile than she claims. This wouldn't be the first time a supervillain debuts while posing as a superhero.

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However, we also can't deny Star's heroic actions. After all, she did save Captain Marvel on two separate occasions now. If she wanted her dead, she simply could have let her be killed -- that is, unless her intentions are somehow to discredit Carol? For the time being, we simply don't know on which side of the super-powered spectrum Star falls on.

Star could turn out to be a villain -- but maybe we are truly witnessing the debut of Marvel's newest female superhero. As mentioned before, Carol Danvers' life is coming apart, and she sure could use some more friends to help her out.

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