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“Who Is Marvel’s Wonder Woman?” Part 3

by  in CBR Exclusives Comment
“Who Is Marvel’s Wonder Woman?” Part 3






1. Storm — 92.43 points

2. Jean Grey — 91.54 points

3. Black Widow — 79.59 points

4. Rogue — 71.45 points

5. Mystique — 66.76 points

6. Invisible Woman — 42.98 points

7. Kitty Pryde — 42.85 points

8. She-Hulk — 42.80 points

9. Maria Hill — 42.09 points

10. Captain Marvel — 30.60 points

11. Scarlet Witch — 26.40 points

12. Elektra — 26.11 points

13. Spider-Girl (Parker) — 23.70 points

14. Jubilee — 23.30 points

15. Black Cat — 23.03 points

16. Sif — 21.92 points

17. Peggy Carter — 20.69 points

18. Wasp — 20.15 points

19. Emma Frost — 19.99 points

20. Gamora — 18.27 points

21. Spider-Woman (Drew) — 17.50 points

22. White Tiger — 11.45 points

23. Sharon Carter — 10.75 points

24. Silver Sable — 8.85 points

After being unseated by Jean Grey last year, Storm is back on top as Marvel’s most prominent female hero — but Black Widow is getting closer and closer to overtaking both of them. She’s going to get a big boost because of “Age of Ultron’s” no doubt massive box office gross, which could easily put her in the Storm/Jean range. That same movie could also allow Maria Hill to overtake She-Hulk if Shulkie doesn’t get a live-action adaptation or a new ongoing series. And Scarlet Witch will undoubtedly enter the top ten once the “Age of Ultron” smoke clears. Ongoing series will also allow for Jessica Drew and Gamora to keep climbing this chart.

But seriously, look at the numbers on this list. Look how much it’s grown! More so than ever before, the women of Marvel are a vital and prominent part of the universe. Multiple women now have a hundred issues with their name on it and billions of dollars in box office on their resume. “Agent Carter” happened, “A.K.A. Jessica Jones” is coming and “Captain Marvel” has been announced. By this time next year, I’ll hopefully come up with a better name for this list, because it finally feels like Marvel has characters approaching Wonder Woman’s level — and I’m glad that this new prominence is being enjoyed by multiple heroes.

Brett White is a comedian living in New York City. He makes videos for the Upright Citizens Brigade as a member of UCB1 and writes for the sketch comedy podcast Left Handed Radio. His opinions can be consumed in bite-sized morsels on Twitter (@brettwhite).

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