Who is "Flashpoint's" Mystery Woman?

Warning: This article features mild spoilers for DC Comics releases on sale this week.

"Flashpoint" #5 and "Justice League" #1 - the only two comics published this Wednesday by DC Comics - share a lot in common. Both books mark milestones in their respective eras of continuity at the company. Both were written by DC CCO Geoff Johns. Both feature an all-star lineup of the publisher's biggest heroes. But one there's one more shared detail buyers of the comics may not notice at the outset: the appearance in both places of a new, mysterious character.

During the race towards the end of the old DCU in "Flashpoint," Barry Allen encounters a cosmic female character who speaks to him as (in a not-so subtle piece of metafiction) characters from DC's Vertigo and WildStorm publishing groups were folded into the main superhero continuity. "You must all stand together. The timelines must become one again," she explains.

Eagle-eyed readers of "Justice League" may have caught the character again - this time showing up as a sideline observer in young Vic Stone's football victory:

CBR News has heard from several sources that the woman will be "Easter Egged" into every single first issue of DC's New 52 titles, leading to suspicion about a major crossover or universe-spanning story to come. Reached for comment, a spokesperson for DC said the publisher could share nothing about the character at this time.

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