Who Do You Think is the Black Glove?

Tomorrow's the big day! The finale of Batman R.I.P.!

So who's your bet as to who the Black Glove is? And do you think Batman will die? After the fold I'll react to one of the most popular theories making the rounds.

The current hip theory is that it is Tim Drake, as it sure does appear as though Damian will be the Robin to Dick Grayson's Batman, which would make Tim the odd man out, and if he is the Black Glove, well, that would explain why you'd need a new Robin and it would also certainly explain why Chuck Dixon might not be too pleased with DC re: Robin ("You have a year's worth of Robin stories ready? Oh, sorry, we didn't tell you? Robin is a bad guy now.").

Also, how shocking would THAT be? Tim Drake as a bad guy? Wow.

However, Tim Drake is on some upcoming Titans covers, and I'd imagine that DC would not want to turn Tim into a bad guy, so I dunno. I guess Tim could just become Red Robin.

I know I don't want Tim Drake to be a bad guy. I like Tim Drake.

It is pretty darn suspicious, though, that Tim has not appeared in R.I.P. as of yet.

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