Who Are "Legends of Tomorrow's" Justice Society of America?

Red Tornado

Already "confirmed" for the team is Red Tornado. No, not the android who battled Supergirl in her first season, but rather Ma Hunkel, a senior citizen who dons a brightly-colored mishmash of clothing and sports a pot, with eye holes cut out, on her head. Sounds a little ridiculous, to be sure, but despite her origins as a superhero parody, she's no laughing matter. Eventually, she became an honorary member of the World War II-era Justice Society, with her granddaughter joining the modern incarnation of the team as the wind-controlling Cyclone. Hunkel's arrival was among those teased by "Legends" in January, and her helmet can be found among Rip Hunter's time-tossed souvenirs aboard the Waverider, indicating this character is all but guaranteed to appear in Season 2


There are numerous incarnations of Starman, ranging from the World War II-era Ted Knight to the far-future incarnation of Thom Kallor to the alien known as Mikaal Thomas. But when it comes to "Legends of Tomorrow," perhaps the modern take on the character makes the most sense. Ted's son Jack Knight is a reluctant hero at best, taking on the mantle only after his brother attempted to do so -- and died. Although he uses the cosmic staff, based on his father's cosmic rod, Jack eschews the idea of costumes, opting instead for his signature leather jacket and aviator goggles. While retired in the comics, Jack Knight's Starman would translate well to television and fit in nicely with The CW's heroes.

Doctor Fate

With John Constantine and Damien Darhk firmly establishing that crazy, dark magic exists in The CW's DC Universe, it stands to reason a genuine super-team like the JSA might have someone on hand to battle those threats. The most obvious would be Doctor Fate, whose helmet was seen among Constantine's magical items on his short-lived series. Introducing the hero to "Legends" opens up the potential for numerous stories, involving not only magical villains but also battles and adventures with those who bestow Kent Nelson with his Fate powers, the Lords of Order and Chaos. Or, they could take a cue from the current "Doctor Fate" series and cast the Khalid Nassour version of the hero.

Liberty Belle

Like so many JSA heroes, Liberty Belle has strong WWII ties, but there's no need to link the television incarnation to that era. It's entirely possible the JSA might actually be from Earth-2's timeline, a reality we know very little about. It's also where Jesse Wells, the girl destined to become Jesse Quick is from. While we've met Jesse's father (Earth-2's Harrison Wells), her mother's identity remains a mystery, so why not hew close to her comics story and reveal her mother to be Liberty Belle's civilian identity, Libby Lawrence?

What Justice Society members would you like to see on "Legends of Tomorrow's" second season? Let us know in the comments!

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