Who Are "Legends of Tomorrow's" Justice Society of America?

The season finale of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" rattled the time-travel drama's status, altering the team's roster, introducing Rex Tyler (aka Hourman) and revealing that the Justice League's precursor, the Justice Society America, exists in The CW's Arrowverse.

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It's, of course, a major revelation that sets the stage for Season 2, and raises plenty of questions -- not the least of which is, "Who are the members of the TV Justice Society?"

We've turned to the DC comics and come up with a list of team members who could potentially appear on "Legends of Tomorrow."

Power Girl

Although a Supergirl appearance is likely -- especially now that her series has moved to The CW from CBS -- "Legends of Tomorrow" could have its cake and eat it too by having its own Girl of Steel, in the form of Earth-2's Power Girl (who also happens to be named Kara Zor-El). While the Earth-1 Supergirl is the Supergirl to many, Power Girl packs the same punch but with a decidedly different personality (kind of like the Wally West to Supergirl's Barry Allen). Power Girl has seen a resurgence in popularity, thanks to starring in a comic alongside Harley Quinn last year, and has been a key player in both the Earth-1 JLA and the Earth-2 JSA. Plus, with the departure of Hawkgirl from the "Legends," there's a void left for badass extraterrestrial heroines.

Doctor Mid-Nite

If you think "Legends of Tomorrow" could use an owl sidekick, Doctor Mid-Nite is just for you. But all joking aside -- even though he does indeed have an owl sidekick named Hootie -- Mid-Nite is a way for the series to have its own version of Batman, but with some added abilities. An experienced martial artist, Charles McNider could play well in combat scenes alongside White Canary, and serve as another "smart guy" on the team, with Prof. Stein and Ray Palmer. On top of that, Mid-Nite has the ability to see in the dark -- something that could potentially be explored in stylistic stealth sequences on the series.


This isn't the Neil Gaiman Sandman, but rather, the character he was inspired by -- and the first member of the Justice Society to appear in comics, way back in 1939 -- Wesley Dodds. The perfect noir hero, Sandman is equal parts philosopher, chemist and detective. The character is fair at best in hand-to-hand combat, but using his keen intellect and knowledge of chemistry, Dodds is an effective crime-fighter. A master inventor, Dodds uses a gas gun that puts people to sleep -- which can come in pretty if you're on a team that opposes killing. There's also an undeniable visual appeal.


Although the episodic budget might limit his odds of appearing, the Spectre would be a visual treat. A spirit of vengeance, he uses detective Jim Corrigan as a host to investigate crimes, and claims the souls of the guilty. In some versions, the Spectre's method for claiming victims comes in an ironic and visually masterful fashion. His ghostly form and supernatural powers might be a challenge to pull off on "Legends," but they'd undoubtedly add flare to the series. Plus, we already caught a glimpse of him on the now-canceled "Constantine" -- which has been confirmed to be in the Arrowverse -- so an appearance, or residency in the JSA, might not be too far out of question.

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