White Tiger & Power Man Finalize Marvel's "Mighty"

Throughout the week, Marvel Comics has teased the introduction of a new team of heroes born from "Infinity." Led by ex-Avenger Luke Cage, the "Mighty" teasers have already revealed its roster to include the Superior Spider-Man, Adam the Blue Marvel and She-Hulk. Today's teaser fills the last two slots of the roster with two younger heroes: "Avengers Academy" graduate White Tiger and "Shadowland's" Power Man.

Once again, using the Marvel AR mobile app grants fans access to a video clip with Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, who gives background on the two characters.

"White Tiger, a character that some have seen on the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' cartoon and who others know from 'Avengers Academy' is ready to step up and take her place as a full-fledged individual hero and not just a hero in training or somebody that's trying to live up to the reputation of their sibling but becomes a full hero in her own right," Brevoort said. "Similarly, our other character, Power Man -- Victor Alvarez -- a young character who first appeared during 'Shadowland,' a protege of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, he too is going to going to get the chance to show what he's made of in a big way as these characters come together and 'Infinity' washes over the face of the Earth."

While there's still no real detail on how the team comes together or where they'll actually appear, chances are good that more about Marvel's "Mighty" team will come to light in the lead-up to "Infinity."

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