White Knight Characters Reimagined In Style of '90s Batman: TAS

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Artist Rick Celis has given a few more characters from Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight the Bruce Timm treatment.

Celis tweeted out his takes on a bulkier Batman/Bruce Wayne (with collar and all), Barbara Gordon masked up and rendered as Batgirl, and an eccentrically-dressed Harvey Dent as Two-Face, all adapted from Murphy's story which saw the Dark Knight treated as a criminal, and a cured Joker now acting as the hero of Gotham.

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The artist previously applied the Timm treatment to another character from what's been dubbed the Murhphyverse, the Neo-Joker aka Marian Drews (the second Harley Quinn).

Many fans have pointed out that Batman: White Knight has seemed like a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series in many ways, with Gordon himself incorporating several beats from the show, such as Mr. Freeze's dark romance with wife, Nora, and even using Timm's Batmobile as part of Batman's arsenal.

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Originally solicited as a seven-issue miniseries, the book went on for eight issues, ending in the marriage of Joker aka Jack Napier to the first Harley (Harleen Quinzel), and Batman unmasking to Commissioner Gordon in order to chart a new era of justice in Gotham.

Celis has a knack for adapting various styles in the Timm fashion, also recently offering his take on Selina Kyle as she gets ready to marry Bruce Wayne in the DCU, and even taking a crack at Doomsday Clock's Mime and Marionette.

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