Which Villain Should Be Brought To Life In the "Man of Steel" Sequel?

With all the hoopla surrounding "Fast & Furious" star Gal Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman in the upcoming, as of yet untitled Batman vs. Superman film, fans may have missed that "Zero Dark Thirty" actor Callan Mulvey has emerged as the front-runner for the film's mysterious villain.

"Fast & Furious'" Gal Gadot Cast As "Man of Steel" sequel's Wonder Woman

The Australian has made a name for himself in his home country thanks to starring roles on numerous TV shows, and he's destined to make a big impact Stateside next year with supporting roles in two major releases -- "300: Rise of an Empire" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Much like Henry Cavill, who was a relative unknown prior to landing the part of Superman in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel," Mulvey could be poised to make a similar leap into the limelight should he get cast in the movie's sequel. With that in mind, CBR takes a look at our choices for the villains we'd most love to see Mulvey breathe life into on the big screen.

Lex Luthor

We have to get the most obvious pick out of the way first, right? Because director Zack Snyder snuck in a few LexCorp Easter eggs into "Man of Steel," fans pretty much assume Superman's arch-nemesis is a lock for the 2015 sequel. Earlier this year, rumors swirled around "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston being a lock for the role, but Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman proves that Warner Bros. feels absolutely fine about signing lesser-known actors for big time parts. Cranston may be the diabolical bald businessman fans want, but Mulvey could very easliy be the diabolical bald businessman we get.

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If cranky old Batman wouldn't even leave his Batcave while Metropolis was being destroyed by a squadron of super-powered aliens, what would make him suit up again? Suspecting that the Man of Steel himself has gone bonkers, a feat only accomplished by the arrival of Superman's imperfect clone Bizarro, would probably get Batfleck to grab the keys to the Batmobile. Mulvey's already a physical match for Cavill, and the grotesque prosthetics needed to create Bizarro could easily transform him into Superman's deranged double.


Sgt. John Corben may very well become the latest military role on Mulvey's IMDB entry. When a piece of Kryptonite lodges itself in his LexCorp battlesuit, Corben has no choice but to become part-man and part-machine in order to survive. As a cyborg powered by the one substance known to cripple Superman, Metallo poses the kind of threat that would require Clark Kent to tag someone else in to handle. Enter: Batman. Metallo's ties to Lex Luthor also means that if Mulvey signs on as this mechanical menace, Cranston could still bust out a Bic and sign the contract to portray the corporate-minded genius.


If no threat on Earth can truly compare to the combined might of Superman, Batman and now Wonder Woman, then perhaps extraterrestrial menace Brainiac will finally make his movie debut. Possessing a 12th-level intellect, mental abilities that make even the smartest humans on Earth look like Woody from "Cheers," Brainiac's worked his way up through Superman's rogues gallery to become one of his most fearsome foes. Mulvey could cover his chiseled features in green face paint, giving Brainiac a much more menacing onscreen presence than his name would imply.


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe building towards a Thanos throwdown, it's not crazy to predict that the growing DC Cinematic Universe has the similarly all-powerful Darkseid in its sites. Early rumors surrounding a possible "Justice League" film included mentions of the evil New God and the rest of his allies and enemies. If they are playing a long game with this sequel, then the imposing Mulvey would make an impressive fit for the role -- even if the villain's involvement in Batman vs. Superman amounted to nothing more than a quick Omega Beam-powered wink at the audience.

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