Which TV Shows Will Be Most Popular Next Season?

The popularity of next season's TV debuts are already being tracked, and it's an odd selection that seems to be getting an early nod from potential viewers - and an especially odd omission from the top 10, as well.

The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog reports on surveys that track the "emotional attachment" audiences have for upcoming shows, and it's good news for CBS' Hawaii Five-O and $#*! My Dad Says, both of which take the top spots, with sitcoms Running Wilde, Raising Hope and Mike & Molly close behind. Worryingly for NBC, their big drama push for the season, The Event doesn't even make it into the top 10, even though it's been successful on other, similar, surveys.

If you're wondering how useful these surveys are, it's worth bearing in mind that NewMediaMetrics, who ran this survey, had an 85% success rate doing a similar thing last year - although they did predict success for ABC's FlashForward, and we all know how that turned out.

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