Which Marvel or DC Character has the most absurd origin?

I was just thinking about the current Nomad, and how absurd her back story is. I don't mean this in a bad way, as I like her as a character. Sean McKeever has done a good job with her. However, "Came from an alternate Earth created by a little kid where a bunch of Marvel heroes spent a year on it thinking it was their Earth so she became Captain America's partner until he went back home and then she eventually also made her way to our Earth."

That's an absurd origin.

But that's cool, because absurd very often WORKS in superhero comics.

"Suspended in animation since World War II" is absurd.

"Getting powers from a radioactive spider-bite" is absurd.

They're still cool origins/back stories.

But what "regular" character (meaning someone who has been accepted as a normal character for years now, like Spider-Man or Rogue or Green Lantern) in the DC or Marvel universe do you think has the MOST absurd origin/back story?

Cable? Hawkman? Who?

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