Which Long-Absent "Arrow" Character Is Returning in Season 5?

During a recent Facebook live session, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell revealed a few key details about the show's Season 5 premiere. For one, it presents the cast and crew with "the opportunity for us to have the most vicious, violent one-shot in the history of network television." Beyond that, the series will, according to Amell, "be f---ing mean this year." Perhaps most intriguingly of all, though, is the promise that Season 5 will feature the return of "someone we haven't seen in two full seasons."

Amell Says "Arrow" Premiere Will Have "Most Vicious, Violent" Fight In Network TV History

But who could this mystery character be? Well, as it turns out, there are quite a few potential candidates. CBR has narrowed that list down to the most likely, with a focus on living characters per Amell's comments, who last appeared in Season 1 or 2.


First, we'll address the orange-and-black elephant in the room. Deathstroke was the big bad of Season 2, but he's been locked away on Lian Yu in A.R.G.U.S. custody ever since. Yes, Slade Wilson had a moment to confront Oliver and Thea in the Season 3 episode "The Return," but that doesn't totally disqualify Deathstroke from being in the running for this mysterious returning character.

Hear us out. Deathstroke could appear in "Arrow" Season 5 even if Wilson doesn't, because "Deathstroke" has become a mantle, not a person. For example, Wilson's son Grant assumed the name and the costume in the "Legends of Tomorrow" episode "Star City 2046," which flashed forward to a dire future where he terrorized Star City. Obviously, if Deathstroke returns, it won't be Grant behind the mask; he's far too young to fill his father's shoes in the present Star City. But what if a new Deathstroke was inspired by the chaos Deathstroke brought to Star City in Season 2? Isabel Rochev certainly was before her death, when she assumed the Ravager mantle. Bringing in a new Deathstroke would be an attention-grabbing move on the show's part, and could introduce a story arc about the mystery of the man (or woman) behind the mask.

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