Each and every Monday there's been a new episode of NBC's "Heroes," CBR has published a Q&A with series writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite called BEHIND THE ECLIPSE. Week in and week out, Joe and Aron have graciously given up their Sunday evenings to answer questions asked by you, the fans, and given us behind-the-scenes access to the creative process of one of television's most popular series. Unfortunately, they're not able to participate today due to the Strike.

As you may know, the Writers Guild of America, the union that represents Hollywood writers to producers and studios, has chosen to strike. After long negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the parties were not able to come to terms on a new multi-year contract and, since last Monday, the WGA has been on strike and picketing outside the major studios in Los Angeles. The issues are serious, having to do with fair residuals and payments for emerging technologies and home video, and until a satisfactory contract is agreed upon, the writers will continue to strike.

While the WGA is on strike, it wouldn't be quite right for members to be promoting network series at the same time. As such, BEHIND THE ECLIPSE is going on hiatus until the strike is settled. CBR News spoke with Joe Pokaski earlier this week, who wanted us to convey his regrets to readers that he and Aron can't continue to answer your questions while the strike is taking place, but also said that you should continue sending in your questions. We'll hold onto them, and once the strike is settled -- whenever that may be -- we'll publish a GIANT-SIZED BEHIND THE ECLIPSE with answers to all of your questions and updates from Joe and Aron.

So keep those questions coming. Simply e-mail me with the subject line "Heroes Questions" and we'll consider it for inclusion when we get BEHIND THE ECLIPSE up and running once again.

CBR fully supports the WGA in their efforts and hope there's a speedy resolution to this matter. In the meantime, we encourage readers to follow news of the strike at the United Hollywood blog as well as with our own coverage of the strike in the following articles:

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