Where There's Smoke, There're Fired-up Fans

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA (August 25, 2005) About "Smoke," the three-issue miniseries from writer Alex De Campi and artist Igor Kordey, the critics have spoken:

"It's always nice when something you're anticipating as being good lives up to those expectations, and that's what happened with me and Smoke. DeCampi and Kordey have created a fascinating near-future setting, populated it with interesting characters and wrapped it around an all-too-believable and yet just exaggerated enough conspiracy plot to keep the reader engaged from start to finish. Score: 10/10"- Randy Lander, TheFourthRail.com

"Smoke is a British Farenheit 9/11 crossed with The Bourne Supremacy. Score: 10/10."- Don MacPherson, TheFourthRail.com

"It's refreshing to hear from new voices in comics, especially when they sound as professional and talented as that of Alex de Campi, who really knocks one out of the park with Smoke"- Nashville City Paper

"The thing with these stories is to allow the ridiculous elements to seepin without compromising the tension. Smoke pulls that off, and so itworks. It helps, of course, that Kordey's art can make even the most unlikely world seem alive. Grade: A"- The X-Axis.com

"The first issue. has had unusually high reviews and repeated sellouts from stores as well as disproportionately high message board buzz. - thiscould well be the first breakout comic of the decade."- Rich Johnston, ComicBookResources.com

Couple this return to peak form by Igor Kordey with a spectacular debut by Alex de Campi. and we have an introductory issue that excites me to the extent that a Warren Ellis or Alan Moore penned tale would do so on the same subject matter. It's a fantastic debut issue, and acts as a great pick-me-up from a market saturated by mediocrity and hype-laden events. Rating: 5/5.- James Groves, Comixfan.com

"Smoke," one of the most acclaimed comic books of the summer, alsorecently received high marks in Entertainment Weekly magazine for Alex DeCampi's densely plotted story and amazingly detailed art by Igor Kordey.And now fans of the book will have a chance to read thecomplete story in one edition. Smoke returns as a trade paperback and signed & numbered hardcover edition this November. The story is set in afuturistic London run by a government both morally and financially bankrupt, an ex-soldier-turned-government-assassin must contend with a crisis in London, an unusual terrorist group and their even moreunusual demands, and a vindictive ex-girlfriend, even as he tries to rebuild his own shattered life.

The "Smoke" trade paperback (Item Code SEP05 2982) and signed & numbered hardcover edition (Item Code SEP05 2983) is scheduled for release in November.

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