Where The Fünke Is The <i>Arrested Development</i> Movie, Anyway?

Since its cancellation 2006, Arrested Development has been like that ex that walks out of your life but constantly comes by to tease you about maybe getting back together.

The show gained a massive following during its run, with fans saving the show from cancellation once before. However, as soon as word went out that the third season of the show would be its last, rumors spread like wildfire about the possibility of a follow up film continuing the misadventures of the Bluth Family. Between fans, cast members and creator Mitch Hurwitz himself, the buzz kept going for years—even to today when director and narrator Ron Howard told MTV News that he thinks the movie is "a real priority for [Hurwitz] now and can be in his life."

"What happened is that [Hurwitz] became such an important television superstar that he began developing a lot of pilots and he really wanted to follow through with that," Howard told MTV News. "So he put in a couple years doing that -- always letting the 'Arrested Development' movie percolate -- and now he's done that. I think this is really now front-and-center in his mind."

At this point, Howard should probably get a Blue Lantern ring for keeping hope alive in the hearts of fans everywhere. Could it be a trick? Absolutely not. After all, as Gob Bluth reminds us, "Tricks are what whores do for money... or candy!" Might be an illusion though.

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