Where in the world is Gene Ha?

"Where in the world is Gene Ha?"

That's what comic fans like me have been wondering the past year. Sure he's been popping up as a cover artist on some big DC titles and rounding out the last issues of The Authority: Lost Year, but in terms of real, sink-your-teeth into it comics work it's been a drought. But thankfully, Gene Ha has popped up to explain what's going on.

In a blog post on his website, Ha explains that the his major creator-owned project Back Roads with Bill Willingham at IDW (announced back in 2009) has fallen apart due to the writer stopping to turn in scripts -- just after Ha turned in the complete first issue - pencils,  inks and colors. With the full story of Back Roads estimated to be 132 pages and no new script pages in a year, Ha's pretty much said the project is dead.

Getting back into the swing of things, Ha has worked on those previously mentioned covers for DC, and he also did a Mouse Guard story with writer Lowell Francis. He's also working on shorts for House of Mystery and the IDW Rocketeer miniseries.  The most enticing bit of news is something else.

"I'll be doing a few issues of an iconic DC character this summer, DC should announce details soon," Ha revealed. "And finally, after all that, I've been working on something with James Robinson."

Look for more on Gene Has' website, but before you go -- tell us your favorite Gene Ha work and what iconic character you'd like to see him work on!

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