Where in Tellos is the Next ''Tellos?''

When "Tellos," the ongoing series, ended earlier this year, fans of the series were promised that "Tellos" projects would still be coming out. And since then ... well, they haven't.

Series writer Todd Dezago told fans on the "Tellos" message board last week that "The Last Heist" is still coming.

"Yes, it is late and I can't apologize enough for that! Put the blame on me and 1.) my enthusiasm, and b.) my unrealistic deadlines," Dezago said.

"Craig [Rousseau] and I have been friends for a few years now (I had been a huge fan even before I got into the business!) and we've always wanted to work on something together! (Anyone who's met Craig at a convention or They Might Be Giants concert can tell ya, he's just the nicest guy...!) When the opportunity came along to do the 'Tales ' books, Craig and I started putting our plan together ... Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a procrastinator and squandered some vital drawing time when Craig had a window to work in. Couple that with crazy things happening in both our real lives, Craig and Trish bought a house, and Craig's regular monthly gig, 'Batman Beyond,' was cancelled out from under him ... well, things just kinda piled up.

"As I've said before, Mike [Wieringo] and I really don't have a lot of money and all of the wonderful artists that are working hard on these 'Tales' books are doing it for future pay -- that means they're working with no income right now -- and we can't thank them enough! Not everybody would do something like that -- couldn't afford to -- but Craig and the rest of these guys (and Tracie!!) are also doing it out of their love for comics!

"Thanks, you guys!

"Anyway, as Craig and I work to get the book done on time I just thought I'd let everyone know what an absolutely AMAZING job Craig is doing on this! This is, in my humble opinion, the BEST WORK CRAIG has ever done! It is truly beautiful, and while I wanna rush him to get it done quickly, I've also told him to take his time, to make each page as beautiful as he wants to ... (Wait'll ya see -- Mike and I get crazy just thinking about these pages!)

"So please be patient -- I promise you, 'The Last Heist' is gonna be well worth the wait!"

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