Catching Up With The Cast Of Lost

Lost was a huge phenomenon over the course of its six season run on ABC which had a total of 121 episodes from 2004 to 2010. Created by J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof, the supernatural sci-fi show tells the story of a group of people traveling from Australia to Los Angeles and their plane crashes on an island in the South Pacific Ocean. It had a massive following as fans were obsessed with trying to figure out what was going on. There were countless fan theories that circulated until the show's controversial ending.

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For fans who followed the show so closely, they often wonder what happened to the actors who played the characters they loved so much for 6 years. And what about the people behind the scenes that played a major part in the development of the characters and story. Of course, we all know what J.J. Abrams has been up to, helping to reestablish Star Wars' reign of the box office, which will continue since he will also be directing Episode IX. Let's catch up with the cast of Lost and take a look at what they have been up to since the 2010 finale. It looks like they've all been pretty busy.

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Matthew Fox played Dr. Jack Shephard, the main protagonist of Lost. Interestingly enough, the character was originally supposed to die in the pilot episode in early drafts but the writers eventually changed their mind. The character quickly became the leader of the survivors of the plane crash. In 2006, Matthew Fox received a Golden Globe nomination for the role.

Since completing his work on the show, Fox hasn't had much work on film. He got a DUI in 2012 in Oregon. That same year, he stared as the villain in Tyler Perry's Alex Cross film and got into fantastic shape for the role. He also had a small role in World War Z. His final appearance on film was in 2015 in the western Bone Tomahawk.


jorge garcia lost

Jorge Garcia played Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes on Lost throughout its entire run. Hurley was the comic relief of the show. Garcia has become instantly famous thanks to the show due to his huge frame and distinctive features. A lot of fans of the show commented on the fact that although his character was stuck on an island with little food, his character never lost weight.

Since the show ended, Garcia has had a few recurring roles on a lot of different shows including Californication, Once Upon A Time, How I Met Your Mother and Hawaii Five-O. He has also been in a few films, like The Wedding Ringer and Adam Sandler's Netflix disaster The Ridiculous 6. He currently has two film projects in the works: When We Were Pirates and Running Out of Time.


Terry O'Quinn played John Locke who was a very mysterious, spiritual character. He was very comfortable living off the land and he was known for his stoic demeanor. The character got his name from the philosopher of the same name (maybe a little too on-the-nose with that one). O'Quinn won a Primetime Emmy for his role in 2007.

O'Quinn has starred in a lot of different television shows since he finished work on Lost. No one can call him a slouch has he has worked simultaneously on a few shows. He has had recurring roles on Hawaii Five-O, Full Circle, Secrets and Lies and Patriot. He also starred in The Blacklist spinoff Redemption. He is currently working on Castle Rock, based on Stephen King stories.



Josh Holloway played James "Sawyer" Ford in the series. The character started out as an anti-hero and con man who rivalled Matthew Fox's Jack and was briefly romantically involved with Kate. As the series progressed, he developed more of his heroic side. The California born actor has been the hero of a few different TV shows and made an appearance in a few films since the show finished. He has played a few supporting roles on film, most notably in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Sabotage.

He played the main character in Intelligence which only lasted one season in 2014. He is currently playing the protagonist on Colony, which tells the story of a family fights for survival after an alien invasion. They are currently working on their 3rd season.


Elizabeth Mitchell played the fertility specialist named Dr. Juliet Burke who was brought to the island in order to help solve the problem of women dying during childbirth while there. She was a member of the Others. Critics deemed her an extremely fascinating villain that was captivating to watch. Mitchell received an Emmy nomination in the final season of the show.

Since the show's conclusion, Mitchell has appeared in a few shows including V (which overlapped with her work on Lost), Revolution from 2012 to 2014 (which is her longest stint of consistent work on a show post Lost), Once Upon A Time and Dead of Summer. She also starred in The Purge: Election Year as Senator Charlie Roan. Her next project is a film called The Buried Girl which is set to release in 2019.


Evangeline Lilly played Katherine Anne "Kate" Austen, a fugitive turned second-in-command to Mathew Fox's Jack character in the series. In 2007, Lilly was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance on the show.

Since the production on Lost wrapped, Lilly has been extremely successful has she has had a lot of blockbusters and she has joined a few franchises. In 2011, she played Hugh Jackman's love interest in robot battle film Real Steel. She then took on the role of Tauriel in the Hobbit trilogy, appearing in two of the films. Next, she joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and played Hope van Dyne/The Wasp in Ant-Man. She is currently working on the sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp and she will later appear in another Avengers film.


michael emerson lost

Michael Emerson played Benjamin 'Ben' Linus/Henry Gale on the series who was the leader of the Others on the island. In the first few seasons, he was the plane crash survivors' main antagonist, but later became somewhat of an ally to them, although everyone in the show agreed that everything he did was in pursuit of his own goals. Whether or not he helped others in the process was inconsequential to him.

Emerson has had a string of good roles since Lost ended. In the animated films Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2, he took on the most challenging role with the biggest shoes to fill: The Joker. He played Harold Finch in the 5 season run of Person of Interest. Most recently, he has appeared on Arrow.



On Lost, Yunjin Kim played the wife of Jin-Soo Kwon named Sun-Hwa Kwon. Apparently the producers loved Kim's audition so much that they tailor made the part of Sun just for her.

Interestingly, her career since Lost consists of not only American but also South Korean productions. The South Korean actress was the voice of Tiffany in the Sleeping Dogs video game. Her Korean credits include The Neighbors in 2012 and Ode to My Father two years later. She also played one of the main characters in drama/romance show Mistresses for four seasons alongside Alyssa Milano. The show ended its run in 2016. Her latest acting gig is the title role of the Korean mystery/thriller House of the Disappeared, where her character Kang Mi-hee is widowed and her son mysteriously goes missing.


Naveen Andrews played the Iraqi who had been in the army named Sayid Jarrah. The character was a favorite among fans and he was given one of the few great heroic roles for Muslims and Arabs at the time. Andrews was nominated for a Golden Globe for an actor in a supporting role in 2006 for his work on the show.

The London-born actor has been quite busy since the show finished. He has appeared in numerous shows and a couple of films as well. He played Jafar in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He also did the voice of Sabal in Far Cry 4. Most recently, he has appeared as a series regular in Sense8 as Jonas Maliki, who is the leader of the August 8 cluster.


charlie Pace lost

Dominic Monaghan played Charlie Pace. He was one of the main characters in the first few seasons of the show and continued to make sporadic appearances in later seasons. Before the crash, Pace was part of the rock band Drive Shaft. He also was addicted to heroin and had to struggle through his sobriety. Many believe the character is based off of the rocker Larry Underwood in Stephen King's The Stand.

Monaghan has had significant success, appearing in a variety of different television shows including Flashforward, The Unknown, 100 Code, Quantum Break. He was also the host of the travel documentary series Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan. He currently has two films in the works: Radioflash, a drama about the not-too-distant-future of VR and Waterlily Jaguar, a drama about a novelist trying to do more serious work.


Lost, Emilie de Ravin Claire Littleton

Emilie de Ravin played Claire Littleton, a pregnant survivor of the plane crash who disappeared at the end of season 4 only to reappear in the final season of the show. de Ravin nabbed the role because the producers really wanted to have a multi-cultural show, so they were looking for an Australian to play the part of Claire. The actress, who was born in Victoria, Australia, was perfect for the role.

Her most popular role after Lost was over is definitely in Once Upon A Time, where she plays Belle. She has had continued success to this day as the show is still on the air after 6 seasons, although she admitted that she will not be returning to the show in the upcoming season.


daniel dae kim lost

Daniel Dae Kim played Jin-Soo Kwon whose storyline often revolved around his relationship with his wife Sun-Hwa Kwon. Daniel Dae Kim had reservations about taking the role has his first language in English and the role required him to Korean through out, as the character slowly learns English throughout the series.

Dae Kim has had small roles and recurring roles on a variety of TV shows. Most notably, he provided voice work for Hiroshi Sato in The Legend of Korra, he later played Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii Five-O. He has also lent his voice to the Saints Row video game series where he plays Johnny Gat. He is currently working on the Hellboy reboot where he will play Ben Daimio. His media production company 3AD is currently producing The Good Doctor for ABC.


desmond lost

Henry Ian Cusick played one of the most beloved characters on Lost: Desmond Hume. Hume was stuck on the island after a shipwreck for 3 years before the plane crashes and the rest of the cast joined him. Cusick was nominated for Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal of the character.

Cusick played Stephen Finch for three years on Scandal. These days, he has a particularly busy schedule. He stars as Marcus Kane in the sci-fi show The 100 about the repopulation of Earth after a nuclear war. He has been a part of the cast since the show's inception in 2014. He also plays a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the show Inhumans. He plays Dr. Evan Declan who studies the Inhumans.


Michael Dawson, played by Harold Perrineau, was a villain on season 2 of Lost. Fans had mixed feelings about the character, but the consensus was that Perrineau was an incredibly skilled actor and did the role justice.

Perrineau has had a significant amount of work since Lost ended. He was the voice of Blade in the animated series of the same name in 2011. He also played the drug kingpin Damon Pope on Sons of Anarchy. His next major role was on Constantine where he portrayed Manny. He later had recurring roles in different television series like Goliath, Criminal Minds and Claws. He doesn't look like he's close to stopping as he currently has 5 projects in various stages of production that should release within a year.


damon lindelof

Damon Lindelof was the co-creator and showrunner of Lost, he is also credited with writing a significant number of the episodes of the show. Since the show's conclusion, he has done a lot of writing. On the film front, he co-wrote the controversial prequel to the Alien series Prometheus in 2012. He wrote and produced Star Trek Into Darkness which was a modern spin/reboot of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He also wrote and produced the sci-fi film Tomorrowland starring George Clooney.

In terms of his television work, he co-created and is the showrunner for The Leftovers and also wrote a majority of its episodes. Next, he will be the showrunner for the Watchmen television show. He has previously stated that the graphic novel was a huge influence on Lost.

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