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Where Are Television’s Lost Gems?

by  in Comic News, TV News Comment
Where Are Television’s Lost Gems?

I’ll admit it; it’s taken me years – and, to be honest, the plaudits surrounding the show’s final season – to really get into Friday Night Lights (Don’t worry, I am now a firm believer that clear minds and full hearts mean that you can’t lose), and that got me wondering: What other shows have I been missing out on all this time?

There’s a difference between a show I’ve never seen an episode of (Game of Thrones, because I don’t have HBO and – horror of horrors – am not really that into fantasy as a genre) and a show I’ve seen but didn’t much care for (The Sopranos, and I know that admitting that will immediately invalidate my opinions for at least half the internet), and what I’m really looking for are more of the former, obviously. In this world of so many content streams – so many channels on US TV, before you even get to online shows, or anything from around the world – it’s unsurprisingly easy to completely miss out on some great stuff, but the good thing about the internet is that it balances out: The same thing that can lead to so much choice that it almost becomes paralyzing also provides people to champion the best stuff. And so, I ask you, dear readers: What are your favorite shows that no-one knows about? And why should anyone watch them? Use the comments section to make your case, and who knows? You might create more than a few converts.

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