When We First Met - Wonder Woman's Golden Age Rogues

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Today we look at Wonder Woman's Golden Age Rogues!

Wonder Woman's first major nemesis was the Baroness Paula Von Gunther in Sensation Comics #4...


Here we see her in action...

Yep, she kept women as slaves. William Marston later gave her a redemption path, but it is one of the most bizarre redemption paths in the history of comic books. I think I'll feature it in this week's I Love Ya But You're Strange. It's really batshit insane (here's a quick hint - she NEVER GIVES UP HAVING SLAVES!!!)

Mars was an early foe of Wonder Woman, but I'm skipping him because he is kind of boring. He's Mars. We get it.

However, in Wonder Woman #2, we meet his servants. Two of them did not become important, but the third became one of the biggest recurring villains of the Golden and Silver Age for Wonder Woman - the Duke of Deception!


Here's how important the DUke is, he even created ANOTHER notable Wonder Woman villain, Doctor Psycho! Check out how effed up Doctor Psycho's origin is from Wonder Woman #5...

The next issue of Wonder Woman had an actress get so pissed off at Wonder Woman stealing the spotlight that she developed a split personality that wanted to do evil...the Cheetah!!!

The Angle Man first showed up in prototype form in 1953's Wonder Woman #62...

It was not until Wonder Woman #70 that he got the name Angle Man...

His hair went back to being dark in future appearances during the late Golden Age.

When Ross Andru and Mike Esposito took over art duties on Wonder Woman, they redesigned a lot of stuff, including Angle Man...


They dropped the cape in future appearances, but that was his basic look until an ill-fated turn into a costumed supervillain during the 1970s.

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