When We First Met - Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman's First Meeting

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Today, based on a request from reader Tim S., we look at the first time DC's Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman all appeared in a comic book story together!

Interestingly enough, early on, Superman and Batman were in their own little world in terms of popularity and because of such, they were guarded heavily from other DC Comics using them. The Justice Society had Batman and Superman appear in an early issue but after that, they were pretty much just honorary members

Here, by the way, is Superman and Batman's first appearance together in a comic book, from All-Star Comics #7...

That was a full issue before Wonder Woman even made her first appearance! She debuted in a back-up story in All-Star Comics #8. Wonder Woman eventually became a member of the Justice Society, likely the most popular character to be a regular member of the team (typically the book ended up being a place to spotlight the less successful National and All-American heroes).

So it was not until 1947's All-Star Comics #36 that the three heroes actually all appeared in a comic book together.

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