When We First Met - When Did the Punisher First Kill Someone?

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Today is a special edition devoted to Punisher firsts, like the first time he killed someone in a comic, the first time his origin was revealed and the shocking revelation of when his real name was first disclosed!


The Punisher debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 1974, but it would not be until his fourth appearance, in Giant-Size Spider-Man #4, that he actually killed anyone (his first appearance he was trying to kill Spider-Man and obviously that didn't work, and in his second and third appearances, he teamed up with Spider-Man and just, for whatever reason, didn't kill the bad guys)...

Thanks to Omar Karindu for suggesting I feature this first (and even more thanks as his suggestion inspired me to do the other two, as well)!_________________________________________________________________________________

Later in 1975, in the black and white Marvel Preview #2, the Punisher got his first solo adventure and it was in this story that we first saw the Punisher's origin....


Note that they don't give the Punisher's name there. Amazingly enough, it would not be until Punisher #1 in 1985 that the Punisher gained a real name (even when he stands trial in Spectacular Spider-Man, everyone just calls him "Punisher")...

Over 10 years just to get a NAME! Wow. _________________________________________________________________________________

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