When We First Met - When Did John Constantine and Green Arrow First Meet?

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After the announcement that Matt Ryan would be reprising his role as John Constantine on Arrow next season, we figured it'd be interesting to see when the two characters first met in the comics!

I honestly thought that this would be a bit trickier, since Constantine had a long period of being "off-limits" to the general DC Universe, roughly from 1992-2010 (he was mixed with the regular DC Universe for his first few years of existence, even having a cameo in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and he has joined the DC Universe on a regular basis since 2010). However, I forgot for a moment that Mike Grell's Green Arrow was in a similar "mature readers" situation at the time, and since this was in the pre-Vertigo days, it was slightly easier to have John Constantine appear in your comic.

So in Green Arrow #25 (by Mike Grell, JJ Birch and Mike Bair - Trevor Von Eeden also drew part of the issue, but I don't think he drew any of this sequence), Oliver Queen is summoned to England for a case involving a young woman who is accused of being a witch and using her powers to murder her father. She has run off to hide in Sherwood Forest. Ollie can't help but take the case, knowing he'll be heading to the land of Robin Hood. So once there, he begins investigating and ends up running into a certain blazer of hell...

Cute stuff.

As it turns out, LSD is being used for the "magic" stuff in the story, although, of course, Grell gives us one of those "Oh, but not ALL of it was LSD! Some of it was REAL magic!" twist endings that Donald Bellasario used to always love on Magnum P.I. and Quantum Leap.

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