When We First Met - Beetle Bailey Firsts!

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Today we do a spotlight on Beetle Bailey firsts!

Mort Walker debuted his creation, Beetle Bailey, on September 4, 1950, as a college student...

On March 13th of the following year, Beetle enlisted in the army...

Here's something I'm not sure of, and the source of all these comics (Mort Walker's Best of Beetle Bailey book from seven years ago - well worth a read!) is unclear on this, as well.

Which is the first appearance of Sarge?

This strip from March 30th is DEFINITELY Sarge...

But is this strip from March 20th also Sarge?

I dunno, so I figured I'd give you both.

Walker does not provide debut dates for the other 1951 characters like General Halftrack, Killer, Cookie and Zero, so I guess I'll skip them.

On June 9th, we see the debut of a recurring bit in the strip, Beetle having issues with hiding the delicious cakes his mother sends him...

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