When We First Met - Alien Races

Every week we spotlight the various characters, phrases, objects or events that eventually became notable parts of comic book lore. Not major stuff like "the first appearance of Superman," but rather, "the first time someone said, 'Avengers Assemble!'" or "the first appearance of Batman's giant penny" or "the first appearance of Alfred Pennyworth" or "the first time Spider-Man's face was shown half-Spidey/half-Peter." Stuff like that. Here is an archive of all the When We First Met features so far! Check 'em out!

Today we take a look at three notable alien races. The Dominators, the Rigellians and the Baddoon.

The Dominators first appeared in Adventure Comics #261...

Their peculiar fashion of using the size of the disc on their forehead to denote importance debuted in the same issue...

I do not know when they first appeared yellow.


Next, we have the Colonizers of Rigel (or the Rigellians, if you prefer).

We first meet a Rigellian in Thor #129...

but we don't KNOW she's a Rigellian until she reveals herself in #131...

The Rigellians are best known for the mechanical beings they create called the Recorders (first shown in #132)...

The Recorders have likely been seen more than the Rigellians themselves!

Just as a bonus, Thor #132 also has the first appearance of Ego, the Living Planet!


Finally, we have the famed enemies of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Before they terrorized Earth and battled the Guardians in the future, the Badoon faced off against Silver Surfer in the second issue of his first ongoing series...

Surfer ultimately drives them off for a century or so and when they return, it is the Guardians' duty to stop them. _________________________________________________________________________________

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