When The Transitive Property Didn't Work For Me In Comics

So, yeah, you really need to be careful when using this in non-match contexts, like the link says.

1. I love X-Men, and I love Joss Whedon, so I should love Joss Whedon's X-Men

Reasons to assume I was correct- They got John Cassady to draw it, continued on from the Morrison's run, which I adored, and just added Kitty Pryde (one of my favorite characters) to join the remnants of Morrison's cast. Joss and I also were way too in to the Claremont run at a very impressionable age.

Why I wasn't- I just lost interest due to the combination of glacial pacing and six issues of fighting the friggin' Danger Room. Will probably finish reading it someday in trades.

2. I love Grant Morrison, I love Batman, so I should love Grant Morrison's ongoing Batman run.

Reasons to assume I was correct- Grant wrote one of the best portrayals of Batman in the last 20 years.

Why I wasn't- That was in JLA. I've never really warmed up to his solo Batman tales, Arkham Asylum and Gothic. I mean, I liked them okay on some level, but Morrison's not my favorite solo Bat writer by a pretty wide margin.

That said, it's not so much him that didn't make this run click for me, it's the art. I don't hate it, it just leaves me cold. I don't like the style of A. Kubert or Tony Daniel that much. That said, I am enjoying Batman R.I.P. a lot. However, I've been hot and cold on this whole run, which is not my usual mode for Our Scotish Philosopher King. Cronin is gonna make me run 50 laps for saying it's not neat-o kean, but you know me; I believe in saying whatever fool thing pops in my head, no matter what the costs. I mean, that's what blogs are for, am I right?

3. I like Neil Gaiman's comics, step 2, I should like Neil Gaiman's novels

Reasons to assume I was correct- Well, that whole thing worked for the Underpants Gnomes.

Why I wasn't- I don't really like Neil Gaiman's comics in long form. I've only ever been in to Sandman as a series of loosely connected short stories; that's all I've ever read of them, really. Which may explain why American Gods and Coraline both lost my interest before the end. I haven't ever been that interested in finishing Sandman or his Marvel work. Well, 1602 sounded fun, but I dropped it after 3 issues due to a combo of boredom and lack of money. That's another one I'll probably buy the trade of someday. And hey, an interchangable Kubert sibling drew it!

4. I like pro wrestling and luchadore iconography, I like laughing, so I should like Lucha Libre

Reasons to assume I was correct- That was pretty much it. I was unfamiliar with all the creators.

Why I wasn't- It underwhelmed me. I mean, it was fine, it just didn't feel like something I had to really invest any time or interest in. Am willing to be convinced otherwise via a trade.

5. There is no 5. Cake's a lie, too.

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